What are the benefits of Freeze Drying food?

What are the benefits of Freeze Drying food?

To the busy modern-day household, freeze-drying may feel like a foreign concept. However, to the hunter, camper, prepper and homesteader, it's a step forward in food preservation.

Unlike canning and dehydrating foods for long-term storage, freeze-drying food has a shelf life of up to 25 years when stored properly. We suggest transferring products into Mylar bags for long-term storage purposes. 

With freeze drying, you are able to retain 97% of the food's nutritional value as opposed to dehydrating which retains 60%, and canning which retains 40%.

 At Freezies our goal is to ensure we are providing the most nutrient-dense foods to make sure you don't have to sacrifice taste or nutrition when it comes to modern-day convenience.

With the exception of a sweet treat every once and a while. :)



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